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A fansite for Magic Man, the triumphant synth-rock band from Boston. :')

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Attention Magic Man Fam!


Justine Bowe’s birthday is in 6 days and I am making a YouTube video to celebrate! The video will contain pictures/videos of the fam wishing Justine a happy birthday! Sadly, only six people have submitted something in, and the more entries, the better!


Email me at magicmanarmy@gmail.com or submit something or post a photo/video on Instagram or Twitter and tag me! (#MMABday @MagicManArmy*)

*If you’re a private account, comment on one of my photos and let me follow you temporarily and I will get your submission in :)

What to Submit

Submit a photo or video, preferably of you,wishing Justine a happy birthday! If you want me to include your name and a place of residence, tell me! The video should be horizontal if you want your whole face in it :-). 

Where will it be posted?

Everywhere. If you aren’t comfortable with your face being put in a video, then just do a drawing or edit a photo of Justine and submit it! It’ll be uploaded on YouTube, but then will be shared on other medias :). 

When is it due?: Justine’s birthday project’s due date has been extended to the 24th!


This is coming along, guys! Send in your pic and follow plz ;)

Remember, Justine’s birthday is in 6 days! The more pics, the better.

Please submit if you’ve got a necklace! <3

@magicman: Heading to Atlanta for @MusicMidtown—can’t believe we’re sharing a stage with Lana Del Rey and Eminem ✈️ 

Magic Man and Ivan Okrin Part Two 

"The members of acclaimed group Magic Man are treated to a lesson in Tokyo cooking by NYC’s unlikely ramen master, Ivan Orkin. After taking in hot bowls of deliciousness, they head over to Brooklyn Bowl for an energetic performance – and knock over some pins along the way." Magic Man and Ivan Orkin Part One

@magicmanmusic: 1st Red Carpet ⚽️🎮 @EASPORTSFIFA @MLS 


Monster - Magic Man 


Sometimes you have to listen to ‘old’ music by a new favorite band. I did and found this new favorite song ^^

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