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here’s the deal with college shows

update on merch for the fall dates



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this song gives me life yet at the same time it will be the death of me and I am totally okay with that.


One time the magic man account retweeted this from me and it was pretty darn cool 

Magic Man Fam Projects

Hey guys! Since there are a few Magic Man related projects going on right now, I figured it would be helpful to make a post covering all of them.

  • Birthday Collage for Justine | Requesting: a photo of you wearing one of Justine’s handmade necklaces | Deadline: September 20th | Email: mmfbdayproject@yahoo.com
  • Birthday Video for Justine | Requesting: photo or video of you wishing Justine a happy birthday | Deadline: September 21th | Email: magicmanarmy@gmail.com
  • Magic Man Fan Scrapbook | Requesting: letters, messages, photos, artwork | Deadline: October 23rd (but extended to October 29th) | Email: magicmanscrapbook@gmail.com

Spread the word!! :’)

transposers said: hi do you know if magic man usually ends up meeting fans after the show? (and if it takes a while or whatnot...)

Magic Man does their** collective best to meet fans after the show, yes. It does depend on if they’re headlining or opening. If they’re opening, they’ll hang out by merch after their set, as well as after the show itself. If they’re headlining, you’ll probably only be able to meet them before the show or after the show, since bands typically hang backstage until they play. Also, on the Gospel Tour, Alex came out before the show to meet fans waiting in line outside, so you can usually count on meeting Alex at some point during the night.

As far as timing, I think they’re relatively prompt. Ten minutes or less. And also, they tend to sort of filter throughout the venue — they’ll stop at merch for five minutes, go upstairs, come back later to meet more people, etc….

** By ‘them’, I mean whoever comes out that night. Each night is different, so not every member is able to come out every night. Hope this helps!

Justine from Magic Man’s birthday gift!


Hey, Magic Man Family!
Since we absolutely adore the necklaces Justine made, I thought, wouldn’t it be cool to compile photos of us wearing them and make a collage? I just found out her birthday is coming up on September 26th which is soon so this would make a really lovely gift to show our appreciation and love for Queen Justine. 

Here’s what you can do:
Send a photo of you wearing the necklace to mmfbdayproject@yahoo.com. Preferably, a headshot so it’s easier to see your beautiful face and the necklace. Deadline is Sep. 20th! And please spread the word. The more photos, the better! Let’s make this birthday extra special. :)

Here’s my pic for example. 


Thanks, Chanz <3

Such a cute idea!

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