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Paris still my utmost favorite song off Boston synthrockers Magic Man’s recent debut album Before The Waves. Now, the catchy anthem gets a glistening, intoxicating remix update by another act I’ve gushed about endlessly on IHM for the past couple years, New York dark electropop duo MS MR! Unsurprisingly, the new version takes on a more ominous tone, compared to the carefree vibe of the original. 


Magic Man - Paris (SXSW Boat Session)

Dreaming (Magic Man Remix)


Me and Alex Caplow from Magic Man. They’re not super famous but they should be for sure.


OKAY SO STORY TIME: Alex came out to say hi to everyone and he was passing out tattoos so he couldn’t take a selfie with me so I was like “you know what just smile” BUT MY CAMERA WAS ON ZOOM, and this was the result.

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Magic Man // Darling

Alex meeting some fans! (x)

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